Saturday, May 31, 2008

From frumpy to fashionable: keeping cool.

After spending a long, relaxing day at theme park, where temperatures reached well over 100 degrees, I ended up feeling pleased with the outfit I had selected that morning. It kept me cool, was easy to slip on and off when I felt like swimming, and didn't look horrendous. At the same time, I was perturbed by the number of fashion faux-pas' I saw today! Why anyone would opt to wear jeans or a long-sleeve tee in this sort of weather is beyond me. Even worse is the so-comfortable-it-might-as-well-be-pajamas look! I also saw quite a few girls dressed in baggy, frumpy boy clothes. While I am certainly all for the androgynous look, I do not consider faded, camo-print cut-offs and a baggy tee with a witty saying to be of the most appropriate attire for a lady to wear in public.
As shown below, I have compiled together a few options that would not only be appropriate for the weather and situation, also look cute and are flattering. For outfit details, please click on the outfit.

Option One: The Dress

Whether terry-cloth, jersey, or cotton, dresses are an easy, breezy way to stay cool and look hot. Try ones in bright colors to really show off that amazing summer tan! Paired with the summer's hottest sandal, that gladiator, and a nice tote to carry all of your things, you'll be the envy of everyone. I personally would choose a simple bag with a printed dress or an interesting bag with a simple dress. Whatever you choose, make sure it's not of a high-quality matieral, such as leather or suede, if there's a chance you might get wet, or otherwise ruin your bag.

Option Two: The Skirt

Skirts are a nice way to keep the heat away during the summer. They are breezier than shorts, but feel a little more casual than dresses, and can sometimes help you feel more covered. A denim mini isn't for everyone, but if it's your style, it looks perfectly preppy when paired with a bright, striped polo and the ever-classic white Keds. And please, stray away from the destroyed denim minis. If you prefer a more classic look, a cotton skirt in a bright color or fun pattern might be right up your alley. If you do choose to go bright on bottom, stay simple up top - you don't want your halves competing for attention! A fuller skirt looks fantastic when paired with a fitted tank top and simple sandals.

Option Three: The Short

Shorts are an obvious staple for summer, however, there is one thing you should always check: the fit! Make sure they're not too tight, as you want to avoid the "muffin-top" look. Check to see if they ride up or cause any unflattering shapes on your figure. Again, as with the mini-skirt, if you prefer short-shorts, please avoid the destroyed denim. If you don't like short-shorts, there are tons of cute walking shorts available now, in all kinds of cuts, fabrics, and washes. Another short favorite of mine that is not pictured above is the cloth short. My favorite is the Soffe, which come in about a million and a half colors and are fairly inexpensive. Soffe's aren't meant to be dressed up, so please don't attempt that. They look best when paired with a tank top or tee shirt and simple shoes.

So there you have it, folks! A variety of choices to help you keep cool, comfortable, and cute this summer.