Friday, August 8, 2008

Fall/Winter2008 Trends

If you want anything to be elaborated on, let me know! :)


*Peep-toe ankle boots
*Fringe boots
*Dark nails
*Classic, Victorian-esque pieces
*Goth/rocker pieces
*Going green (still...)


*High-waisted denim
*Blair Waldorf style
*Doc Martens
*Edie Rose (Rachel Bilson's new line)
*Hair accessories
*"Collegiate" items
*Bright sneakers
*Leather leggings
*Mouse flats (MJ)
*Big jewelry
*Superhero themes
*Glam rock
*Mixed prints
*Western inspired
*Puffer jackets/vests

[B]Harper's Bazaar[/B]

*Colored lace
*Big necklaces
*Peep-toe pumps
*Metallic embroidery
*Knit dresses
*Belted dresses
*Full skirts
*Feathered hats
*Pencil skirts
*Colored beads
*Autumnal hues
*Country chic
*Muted prints
*Winter florals
*Chunky knits
*Big accessories


*Wrap sweater
*Egyptian inspired
*Bell skirts
*Denim hoodie
*Winkle pickers
*Chunky jewelry
*Flouncy purple
*Feminine pieces
*Short-sleeved coats
*Fitted blazers & skinny pants
*Slouchy trousers
*Batwing sleeves
*Loose side folds
*Gathered neckline
*Spencer jackets
*Oversized sunglasses
*Waist-cinching belts
*Modern romance
*Colored suede pumps
*Wood-heeled boots
*Strappy heels
*Pointy ankle boots
*High-heeled Mary Janes
*Patent flats
*Stacked-heeled loafers
*Riding boots
*"American Classic"


Leah said...

What are airplanes and Winkle pickers?

Barbie said...

I'm assuming they mean airplane-inspired prints/jewelry, because that's what was on the page, lol.
Winkle pickers are this funky little shoe, they look like this:'s%20Winkle%20Pickers%20(Austin%20Powers).jpg