Thursday, June 5, 2008

Barbie Fashion How To: Wear Wide-Leg Jeans

Last weekend, I found the cutest pair of wide-leg jeans at Aeropostale, and do you know what I paid for them? $7.50! Naturally, I snatched them right up, dreaming of all the ways I'd be able to wear these bad boys.
However, I can't help but wonder why these jeans were on clearance! Clearly, Aeropostale is moving out last season's items to make way for all of their new merchandise, which got me wondering if I'd even be able to wear these for a while. After all, I don't want to only wear them once!
It is on this note that I decided to show off the various ways in which this "trendy" piece could be worn, making it a little more classic! If you have any other ideas, please comment & I'll post your idea here! For outfit details, please click on the outfit.

Look One: The Typical Summer Day.

For a cute summer outfit, pair your wide-leg jeans with a brightly colored top and wedges. I know that typically, people enjoy shorts in the summer, but I think that this would be nice for a movie date, as movie theatres get a bit chilly. Choose a top that fits a bit closer to your body, as wide-leg jeans are typically looser.

Look Two: The Professional.

If you work in a stricter place, then this look might not be for you. However, if you work someplace a little more lax, this could be just the look for you! Dress up your wide-leg jeans with a button-up shirt. The one above has stripes for visual interest. Add a pair of black leather pumps and a black leather bag, and you're classic and cool.

Look Three: A Cozy Winter Day.

This is definately one of my favorite looks! I can't wait for a cold winter day to snuggle up in my wide-leg jeans and a big chunky sweater. Add a colorful tank underneath for a little "pop," slide on some warm boots, and you're set!

Look Four: A Little Nautical.

This look is a little more trendy than the first three. Wide-leg jeans can look downright nautical when paired with the right accessories! Try using red, white, and blue to add to the feel, and choose one nautical accessory. It is easy to over-do this, so be careful!

Again, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment and I will post them here!

Billy suggests: I usually wear a black fitted tee and pumps with my wide-legs. And finish the look of with a strand of pearls and a patent-leather headband.


Billy said...

I usually wear a black fitted tee and pumps with my wide-legs. And finish the look of with a strand of pearls and a patent-leather headband.

Billy said...

The nautical look is my favorite. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I really like the last look! I love the marine style!

Ally said...

I think a nice black tee and a colorful accessory is just great with jeans.

Leah said...

I like to throw on a cute screen tee from Delias, a 20 thin stranded necklace, worn as a belt and a cropped cardigan, think your natural waist line. Great post!

Boarding School Blogger said...

I absolutely love these outfits!