Saturday, June 7, 2008

On the Hunt!

I recently came into quite a bit of money, and have decided to treat myself to a shopping spree! I've made myself out a little list so that my money is used to it's full potential, however, I'm having a bit of trouble finding certain items within a reasonable price range.
This is where you lovely ladies come in! If any of you have any idea where I might be able to find anything on the following list, please comment! If I find something I like, I'll post your suggestion & link on my blog!

The List

  1. A white clutch. Preferably something that looks quilted and isn't too small, but also isn't too large. I'd like to pay no more than $10 for it.

  2. A black clutch. Like the white clutch, I'd like a nice size. However, I'd like this one to be able to look both casual and dressier. Again, I'd like to pay no more than $10.

  3. A wallet. I'd like this one to be either pink leather or have a nautical theme, perhaps with anchors! I don't need something tiny, but rather a nice, decent-size one. There is really no price limit for this, but nothing too crazy.

  4. A chunky charm bracelet! I want it in silver, with all of the charms already attached. I'd like a nautical theme, but almost anything would make me happy! I'd like to pay no more than $15 for this.

Fashionable Finds.

The amazing Ally from Cute on the Cheap found this clutch from Target, for only $15! & it comes in white, as well! It's definately on my wishlist!

Leah from not only The Look For Less, but also Fashionable Crafter and The High School Fashionista found the following items!

Black Bags Galore!

I personally adore the top right clutch, as well as the bag that is second from last on the leftmost column.

Cute Clutches!

Talk about adorable! My favorites are the hot pink, the zebra print, the lace, and the white one with the chain! Leah, please let me know where they are from, as for some reason I am not able to see them on Polyvore? (Also, the rest of the links did not work.) & I will definately be checking out Target & TJ Maxx!
New York Chique from New York Chique found this adorable bracelet from Forever21.

Thanks so much, ladies! With amazing finds like these at amazing prices, I see shopping very soon in my future!

Thank you so much to anyone who helps!


Ally said...

I love this clutch from Target:

Leah said...

Leah said...

When I was last at Target, they had 90751983 charm bracelets. So I'd check there.

For a wallet, I'd try TJMaxx. They have designer stuff, for under 20$.

NewYorkChique said...


so i tried to look for a braclet, this is what i found:

I thought the whales were adorable:

and i know this isnt exactly what your looking for but its also kinda cute:

hope i helped =]