Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dear Barbie: Fashion Advice

Dear Barbie,
"I might need to go through my wardrobe and change a few thingss Im starting college in the fall so i new look would be great. So if you all could help me out that would be great. Right now i basically wear whats comfortable which is basically sweats and a t.When i do go out i tend to wear a lot of black.. I know that im not going to be dressing up to go to class but a look for going out would be nice....
Im slender and about 5'5'' with long legs and a small chest (like a cup small) i have a bit of a booty for someone my size and i love to show it off. I like to show off my legss too. Im african american with medium brown skin (not light not dark) and i have really dark brown eyes which many people mistake for black lol...
What types of clothes would look good on someone like me? Could you all also post some out fits.

I love the way i look in black because i feel like it brings out my features but im looking for a little bit more color........ I hate like lime green or lavender or brown...Thanks in advance"

Dear Reader,
For a nice list of "college basics," check out this list. (In fact, the entire site is wonderful - I'm a daily visitor!)

Color-wise, you could stay in the dark colors, but don't stick with black. Add color with your accessories.

The outfits below show an easy way to add color.

Eggplant, red, teal, and light rose look good on everyone. Try experimenting with different colors and shades to find out what you like.

P.S. - Feel free to submit your own questions and see them answered here! Just post a comment!